Rapeepun Yomsang



Although in her 60s, Rapeepun is still not retired. Instead, for the past 15 years, she has volunteered for the Trat Social Development and Human Security (SDHS). Every month, Rapeepun and her colleagues visit migrant workers and other vulnerable groups within the community, providing much-needed support.

Rapeepun’s voluntary work in human trafficking area started in 2019 when she attended a human trafficking training jointly run by World Vision Thailand and Trat SDHS. Here, she and others learned how to identify and support potential survivors of trafficking and how to prevent human trafficking in her community.

“World Vision Thailand started excellent work in our local community. Their training was very useful and informative in terms of raising awareness of anti-human trafficking. Their support helped strengthen our work,” Rapeepun said.

Rapeepun also organized field visits in the Leam Ngob area in Trat province in order to assist migrant workers. During these visits, she always took the opportunity to distribute informative brochures about public services available for migrant workers and share her knowledge of human trafficking with the people she met.

As a member of the Trat SDHS, Rapeepan also participated in meetings organized by World Vision Thailand. Here she always shared stories about the challenges and difficulties of the migrant workers whom she met during her field visits, ensuring that the most vulnerable had a voice within these meetings.

Rapeepan received a National Outstanding Women’s Award in 2017 and an Outstanding Trat Social Development and Human Security volunteer Award in 2016. Her remarkable dedication and incredible determination over the past 15 years, along with many other SDHS volunteers, contributes greatly to the life and wellbeing of migrants living and working in Thailand.

Photo by Suthep Kritsanavarin

Lamyai Phooton


Lamyai Phooton